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Key Performance Indicators

Estimates Raised

This chart records the demand for estimates for all projects associated with print over the last three years. It clearly indicates the year on year demand for print services increasing within that period.



Conversion of Estimates that go into production

Estimates are never guaranteed to result in going into production. Most print companies would be more than happy to achieve 60% of their estimates convert into actual projects. As we can see from the chart, the CopyShop averages 90% conversion.


Product Production

This chart records different types of printed projects.




Product Production by Category

Each month the CopyShop monitors the demand for different types of printed projects. This chart records different types of printed projects for July 2016. This is then compared to previous years to aid in ensuring the correct amount of print materials are held in stock to meet demand.


Estimate Response Time

The core estimate response time is 4 hours for internal production items and 24 hours for where the products need to be placed with an external partner*.

*External partners are used for very large products such as prospectuses or where a product contains complex bespoke features. External suppliers are vetted every 5 years by a tender process.

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