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Commissioning a project

A guide for QMUL staff

Please fill in the online booking form. Do not worry if you do not know all the answers to the questions.

When you book a project with the CopyShop, you will be supplied with an estimate number. Please use this number when you contact us, as it allows us to offer you a faster and more accurate service.

Booking process

The process for each project is outlined below:

  1. Project booked – please use the online booking form or visit us in person. For large or complicated projects, please contact the CopyShop manager who will arrange an appointment to take an in-depth brief and agree a schedule.
  2. An estimate will be sent to you for approval before we start work so there are no surprises!
  3. We will agree production and delivery schedules with you..
  4. Smaller projects can be delivered upon request. Larger projects will be delivered to a directed address. Please advise on delivery location/s when you are booking your project in. Pick up from the CopyShop is welcomed.
  5. The project starts from when your final document/file is supplied with departmental budget code

Please note

  • The CopyShop does not accept any responsibility for the content of your document or how you have formatted it. We will contact you if there is a technical problem with your file.
  • If the CopyShop finds that the QMUL logo has been altered or that there is anything unfitting within the document, the project will be returned for correction.
  • We cannot go into production unless a departmental budget code has been supplied or alternative payment has been agreed.
  • A proof copy can be supplied upon request. This is highly recommended for larger projects.
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