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High volume/bulk copying

  • Exams
  • Module evaluations
  • Litigation, Operation/Ward manuals
  • Assignment books

Do you do high volume printing on your office MFD Device? The CopyShop is here to help!

We have commercial high speed printers to handle those long projects that take up too much of your department's time.

Student handbooks / induction packs / lecture notes

The CopyShop can produce your handbooks, manuals and packs. We can undertake all production, leaving your staff free to undertake their core duties.

Exam papers

We produce exam materials and question papers in a confidential and secure printing environment and on request can courier papers (hand delivered) directly to your office.

Governance and Committee Documents

(Committee Books)

The CopyShop has the ability to produce complex governance documents for committees and meetings, inclusive of printed tabs and  A3 fold outs. We can arrange internal or external mailing on request.

QMplus student e-submission

(Assignment Printing)

The CopyShop offers a print solution for Student Assignments submitted electronically via QMplus for marking and grading. Simply submit the assignment batch and receive printed and stapled copies of students' assignments back within 48-hours.

QMUL Thesis and book binding

Please check with your course tutor on what type of thesis you need to submit and how many. You have spent hours preparing your thesis, and now it’s time to present it, so leave good time for the document to be produced.

  • Softback thesis and book binding
    The software thesis and book binding is available at the CopyShop.
  • Hardback thesis and book binding
    The QMUL thesis binding website is a one-stop-shop for quick and easy printing and binding of your thesis, dissertation, project or reports

Visit the website to find easy-to-follow instructions, costs and expected turnaround times.

Large format posters

Large format poster printing: high quality, high speed at low cost.

We can print presentation and display material including large posters and internal and external banners.

Our large wide format printer produces high quality images at standard sizes A2, A1, A0, and for bespoke sizes up to 900mm wide and in various lengths.

Travel Posters (on cloth)

No more having to pay extra to take your large poster tubes on a plane! We now offer cloth banners that do not crease. Just fold and pop them in your suitcase. Once you arrive at your destination, simply iron or hang in a bathroom where most creases will drop out.

Exhibition display


Roller banners are ideal for all your events, conferences, seminars and communication campaigns.

  • Standard – 850 x 2000mm, weight 7kg, supplied with stand and case
  • Lightweight – 650, 895 or 1000 x 2000mm, weights from 3kg, supplied with stand and case.

The smaller of these sizes is ideal for overseas travel, with the whole system able to fit into you're a standard suitcase.

Already have a stand? – Don't bin it, re-skin it!

We can simply replace your old graphic for a new one using your existing stand.

Pop up systems

Pop up systems come in a large range of sizes and styles, with options for lighting, lecterns and other display tools. For further information please contact the CopyShop.


You can purchase paper from the CopyShop for your own home use. The stock is the same as used by the Central Print Service fleet: Rey Copy. The cost per ream is currently £2.25 inclusive of VAT.

Bulk Paper

Large paper orders should now be obtained via the approved QM Supplier.

Visit the Procurement website for full details of the supplier, Agresso ID, contact details and contracted prices.

Should you need paper in an emergency, please contact the CopyShop.

Artwork Services

The CopyShop can offer a basic in-house artwork service. It should be noted that this is only for internal departmental projects. Templates approved by the Design and Branding team must be used. We can support students and personal commissions.

Cost: £40 per complete hour

Under an hour is charged at £15 per quarter hour

All QMUL products should be commissioned via the Design & Branding team.

Lamination / encapsulation

The CopyShop operates an in-house lamination and encapsulation service.


On request we can arrange scanning in a confidential and professionally environment.

Confidential waste and shredding

Let us handle your confidential waste and shredding needs.


For all stationery requirements, business cards, letterheads and compliment slips, please contact the CopyShop for an estimate and timescales.

For guidance on approved content for stationery materials please visit: Branding and template guidance.

Research posters

The CopyShop supports staff and students in the preparation their research posters, using the correct format. Please go to research posters for QMUL and SMD for in-depth detail.

Corporate identity and branding

Advice on QMUL house style – for example, appropriate use of the QMUL logo.

To ensure corporate compliance with guidelines and regulations, please read the Content and brand team web pages.

QMUL logos

Visit the Content and brand team web pages for to download the QMUL logo.

Images and photography

Visit the Design and Branding team web pages for more information about images and photography.

Delivery of your project inclusive of mail outs

You are welcome to pick up in person for convenience or – when a print project is large or bulky – we can arrange delivery to your local post room or a location of your choice.

The CopyShop can also arrange mail-outs on your behalf. Please discuss this with the CopyShop Manager who will be happy to assist.

Contact the CopyShop to discuss how our services can assist your department.

Book and Printed Material Scanning Service

Do you need to preserve valuable books or other printed materials? Do you still need full access to the contents of these documents? Are these documents becoming fragile and getting further damaged each time they are viewed? Our scanner can produce e-files in various formats and we can assure you that the most deicate of materials will be scanned unharmed. 

Benefits of using a professional Book Scanning Service


People who suffer with dyslexia have issues with small or tightly-printed text. Book scanning offers the option for transferring printed text into PDFs or eBook format which help dyslexics read. These digital formats are compatible with many text to speech software which makes reading easier for those with dyslexia.

Conversion into e-files

The scanner can convert any printed materials into formats such as single page PDF, muli page PDF, JPG, TIFF, BM and RAW.

Protection of Historical Document

We have been advised that departments have been wary about releasing historical documents from site, having concerns how they would be handled, not to mention the cost! We offer a service to scan historical documents to create e-library and help preserve delicate materials.There is no need to remove sensitive documents off site. 

What type of potential services could be offered?

Onsite Scanning Service

All scanning carried out on QMUL property by our own staff to agreed time scales. Where applicable, scanned material conforms to all copyright and our CLA Licence. More information surrounding copyright can at We will refuse to scan any offensive materials or where copyright may be breached.

What can be scanned?

Books, magazines and newspapers can be scanned without damage to the publication. Produced in black and white or in original colours of the document. There is no need to remove the spine so no damage.


Study documents placed on QMplus are not always of the standard expected by students as they have been scanned on everyday MFDs. Not all documents that require licences are registered with the CLA. The CopyShop would ensure all documents scanned are registered with the British Library and conform to all regulations. A QMUL watermark will be applied identify the documents.

Document Scanning Service

All types of printed materials, A6 to A3, any volume. 

Archive Scanning

Large archives could be scanned over a period of time as a project. Scanning provides proof of ownership in case of loss and evidence of condition in case of damage.

Bulk Scanning of physical materials

Reduces the need for space where hard copy material takes up space but can be recoded electronically. Bulk scanning would be undertaken over an agreed period. 

Secure Server storage

It is proposed that a copy of all historical, legal and QMUL documents are kept in a secured environment owned by QMUL.

Personal staff, student and external client’s files are kept for an agreed period (three months) and then deleted.

This will be supported by an agreed policy and SLA.

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