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Printing and photocopying for students

We provide a quick, professional and cost-effective photocopying and printing service.

We offer a while-you-wait service for very small jobs or same-day service for slightly larger jobs. For complex or very large projects, please call or pop in to the CopyShop for a time scale.

We can print a range of items for you, including:

  • Thesis / Dissertations
  • Lecture notes
  • Posters
  • Programmes
  • Leaflets / Flyers
  • Invitations
  • Greeting cards
  • Tickets
  • Display banners and exhibition stands
  • Student Publications

Document binding

We have a comprehensive range of in-house finishing services:

  • Wiro binding
  • Soft binding (Morgana)
  • Stapling
  • Collating
  • Booklet Production to give your documents a professional feel

QMUL Thesis

Please check with your course tutor on what type of thesis you need to submit and how many. You have spent hours preparing it and its time to present it so leave good time for the document to be produced.

Softback thesis and book binding

Soft bound (Morgana) and wiro-bound thesis binding is available at the CopyShop.

Hardback thesis and book binding

The QMUL thesis binding website is a one-stop-shop for quick and easy printing and binding of your thesis, dissertation, project or reports.

Visit the website to find easy-to-follow instructions, costs and expected turnaround times.

Large format poster printing

We can print presentation and display material including large posters and internal and external banners.

The Copyshop carries a selection of materials used in poster production. These include gloss, matt and crease-resistant fabric which is ideal for transportation.

Our large wide format printer produces high quality prints at A2, A1, A0. Bespoke sizes available up to 900mm wide to any length.

Commissioning Posters

You can submit your file for printing either by email, dependent on file size (max 10 Mb) or USB stick via the CopyShop.

Our preferred file format is Acrobat PDF, although we can also accept files created in Acrobat PDF, PowerPoint, Publisher, Photoshop, InDesign, Excel and Illustrator from either Mac or PC platforms.

You will need to advise the CopyShop of the size of poster you require and what material you would like it printed on.

Creating artwork for poster print

When creating artwork for a poster you will need to set your document page size to the appropriate dimensions. If you require a standard ‘A’ size poster, set your page size to a minimum of A4, we can then enlarge your artwork to any ‘A’ size.

If designing a custom sized poster you need to scale your artwork in ratio.

Always supply a high resolution PDF with all of your images and fonts embedded.

All images and logos should be of a high quality. Try not to take images or logos from websites as these are low quality screen resolution and will not print clearly and may also infringe upon copyright

You can check the quality of your file by enlarging your PDF on screen to 100% in the view setting. If you see an image is pixelated on screen, this is how it will print. To resolve this, change it for a version of a higher resolution.

Display stands – pop-up system and banners

Roller Banners

Roller banners are ideal for all your events, presentations, seminars etc.

We print onto 850mm wide materials, complete with a stand and carry bag. Should you require a larger size, please contact the CopyShop.

Once you have obtained a stand, we can change the graphic for you so you only have to ever buy the stand once!

The visible size of a single standard roll-up banner is 850mm wide x 2000mm high. However, the artwork area is different. Set your document page size to 850mm x 2000mm at actual size to include a 40mm bleed area at the bottom of the panel. If working in PowerPoint, please set artwork at 25% of your finished banner.

To set your document at 25% size, enter this size into your document setup 212.5mm x 510mm providing all of the elements are vector or 300dpi.

Research posters for QMUL and SMD

To assist you in producing your research posters, we have provided a series of PowerPoint templates.

They have been designed within the house style of both Queen Mary University of London and Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry.


The layout must not be altered at any time. The space in between the header and footer is the ‘working area’ for your research.

We suggest you:

  • Use the Arial font for text on your posters – it will be easier for people to read from a distance
  • Avoid using fonts sized below 12 point
  • Make sure your images are in-focus and not fuzzy
  • Do not use images/logos downloaded from the web, they will pixelate when printed
  • Do not overcrowd your poster, remember less is more.


The QMUL Logo should not be altered in size or colour. They must not be moved.

Drop your Partnership logos  into the lower solid bar. Try and keep them all the same size. Place your partnership logos in alphabetical order or in relevance of importance that aided your research.

White Poster Templates – Partners Logos should be used in their corporate colours

Blue and black Poster Templates – Mono reversed (white) logos only to be used

Ask your partner/s to supply the correct .jpeg or .gif image files for your chosen template.


  1. Do remember to include your Institute or Centre
  2. Do insert the title
  3. Do add authors and where more room is needed reduce the font size
  4. Do not move the solid bar at the bottom of the template
  5. Remember to always include your research links


Please use the links provided to various templates A1 and AO sizes, colours and formats.

Submitting your poster

You can send your Research Poster to us by email (, in which case the poster title must be used as the subject title of the email.

Alternatively you can take you file in person to the CopyShop on the Mile End campus.

If paying by a Departmental budget code, this must be submitted at the same time as your artwork.

Lamination and encapsulation

The CopyShop operates an in-house service for both of these products.


You can purchase plain copy paper form the CopyShop for your own use. You will find the cost very competitive at £2.25 per pack, that’s 500 sheets, whilst contributing to saving the environment.

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